Outsourcing Procedure

Standard Payroll Outsourcing Service Procedure


  1. Convert your data and conduct a parallel run of your last 2 most recent payrolls and submit a report comparing both.
  2. Design the payroll procedure that conforms to your security standards and requirements.
  3. Work with you on the means by which we can capture/upload your time and attendance data including that of your General Ledger entries.

Upon Engagement

Install a copy of the client software at your worksite for the purpose of providing PSPI with updates on:

  • Newly hired and newly separated employees
  • Earnings, deductions, and all other information which PSPI will require from you in order to effect the processing of your payroll.
  • Any changes affecting the payroll processing such as, but not limited to, new loans and deductions of existing employees, tax status changes, allowance change, salary increases, etc.

Train your payroll team on the use of the software and provide a user’s manual.

Generate and submit to you the following:

  • Pay slips.  You have the option to have your pay slips printed on (1) standard carbonized forms; (2) they can be sent via e-mail to an e-mail address (individual or group address) in encrypted form; or (3) both hard and soft copy. Whichever format you select, the pay slip can be made to reflect specific information regarding an employee’s pay, such as but not limited to specific loan payments and balances, leave availments, over/under time dates, time and amounts, and YTD withholding tax, income, etc.
  • Payroll Control Report.  This compares the current payroll with the previous one by showing the changes that occurred.
  • All government-mandated diskettes reports including the BIR alpha list, W-2 and 2316 which are submitted on January 15 of every year. These reports have been previously scanned from the original and the system prints the accomplished form to ensure that it is acceptable to any of the agencies’ branch offices. If you have BIR approval to use an electronic signature, our system is capable to embedding this in each of your employee’s 2316/W2.
  • Journal entries per cost center as defined by the THE CLIENT.
  • Bank diskette and Letter of Advise
  • Other ad hoc, THE CLIENT-specific reports